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Things to know about Music Sparks

Things to know about Music Sparks

I started Music Sparks to help people engage and connect with the young and the old through music – especially in intergenerational relationships. Caregiving, while rewarding,  is not always easy. There are physical and emotional stressors, constraints to your time. You want to…


About me

My name is JoAnn Jordan. I am so blessed to have found the field of music therapy where I can can combine my love of music with my passion for assisting people in having a quality life. I received my education at the University of Kansas and…


What is intergenerational music?

“A society that cuts off older people from meaningful contact with children….is greatly endangered. In the presence of grandparents and grandchildren, past and future merge into the present. ” ~ Margaret Mead For years I worked with the young and…

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