Things to know about Music Sparks

Things to know about Music Sparks

I started Music Sparks to help people engage and connect with the young and the old through music – especially in intergenerational relationships.

Caregiving, while rewarding,  is not always easy. There are physical and emotional stressors, constraints to your time. You want to connect, to have fun while providing quality care and still have a quality life for yourself.

Within these posts and pages I share ideas gathered from my life and my work as a music therapist.  You’ll find caregiver resources for childrenolder adults and intergenerational groups. You’ll

also find ideas for personal use and much more. I want to make it easy for music to make life better for others.

We talk about:

  • topics you’re interested in,
  • explore new and emerging research and opportunities,
  • highlight intergenerational programming
  • and highlight resources to help you make the most of your life.

Based upon my work with older adults, preschoolers and intergenerational groups, there are ideas here to ignite that spark into your life whether you are a caregiver, a parent, a retiree, or an employee.

So, come on in and let music spark your life and the lives of those for whom you care!  There are resources you can use at home or at work within these pages. Being a musician is not required.

Music can connect the agesWhether you care for young or old or even both ages (I happen to find intergenerational sharing a blast), you will find things to enrich the process. I invite you to explore the blog and other pages, email me your questions, and sign-up for resources.

If you live in the Hays, Kansas area and are interested in music therapy or music enrichment services:

I truly believe music can spark a better life.