Benefits of music for a child

We can add so much to the development of our children by actively engaging with them. There are lots of fun ways to do that. To be perfectly honest, music is not required for you to have a relationship with your child. But, I can say it can be a WONDERFUL addition to your relationship. No, you don’t need to play an instrument or have vocal training to share music with your child. You do need a desire to interact with you child, to share with them, to experience, and to explore.

It appears music training may impact the aging process. So, maybe by sharing, experiencing and exploring music with your child you increase the potential for a positive future for both of you.

Songs are a great way to aid learning. Most of us learned our alphabet by singing the ABC’s. There are songs to sing with your child that cover a variety of topics like counting (example: learning to count to 20), geography (example: Seven Continents), songs that exist to make us laugh while we learn (example: Apples and Bananas), and more.

The best part of sharing music with your child is giving each other the gift of time interacting and making great memories.

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