Music Sparks Community Forum

Music Sparks Community Forum

It is exciting to share with other caregivers who engage and connect with others through the use of music. So where can you do that?

Within the Facebook Music Sparks Community ForumMusic Sparks Community Forum

Be sure you read ALL the guidelines listed here before signing up.

The Music Sparks Community Forum is a group of music loving, music using caregivers. We are a diverse group. Some members are family members while others are healthcare professionals. Some of us interact with older adults, some with young children and a few enjoy mixing the generations.

This group is about connection and community, not spam or promos. You may ask questions, and we will do our best to answer them. Caregiving is hard, challenging work. While we all need to vent from time to time, this is a support group rather than a therapy group. We become better caregivers by searching for answers, asking great questions and exploring how to tweak things.

Be sure to read ALL the guidelines before signing up. Posts that do not follow the guidelines are deleted, so if you post something and it disappears, then you need to re-read the guidelines.

Here is the list of weekly topics to help you stay on track. Each is a dedicated thread.


Monday’s Monsters – This is the day to share your challenges and ask for support. Planning sessions or things to do also fit the bill. This is a great day to ask for help.

Thought for Tuesday – 2016 is the #YearofBeauty. Each Tuesday I’ll share a thought or task to get a little conversation flowing. Everyone is invited to take part. You can also access special materials by signing up for monthly emails here:

Wonderful Wednesday – Share what is going well in your life or in your work. This is a day to support each other and celebrate. Note: This is not the day to say, “I’ve just placed a book for sale for here.” The day for that is Friday.

Thursday Resources – This is the day to share books, music or other materials. Be sure and comment why something might be of interest to others. This is NOT the day for self-promotion.

Fan the Flame Friday –Share what you love, and ask for help for promoting it if you’d like. Promotion is NOT to sign up people in this group, although that may happen. Leave easy cut and paste copy for us to Tweet, post on Facebook, or otherwise promote, and let us know who your target audience is. Then be sure and share everyone’s resources and materials over the weekend.

What are you waiting for? Come join the Music Sparks Community Forum!

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