Here are answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).

What is music therapy? My favorite definition of music therapy is by the World Federation of Music Therapy:

“Music therapy is the professional use of music and its elements as an intervention in medical, educational, and everyday environments with individuals, groups, families, or communities who seek to optimize their quality of life and improve their physical, social, communicative, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health and wellbeing. Research, practice, education, and clinical training in music therapy are based on professional standards according to cultural, social, and political contexts.” Source: WFMT, 2011.

What instruments do you play? I frequently play guitar, piano, and simple percussion. When I was younger I played flute.

Do you take medical insurance? At this time I do not file for insurance payment.

Can I speak with people you have worked with? I will do my best to arrange this with you. Email me at: joann@music2spark.com noting the area of interest.

Do you accept guest post? YES! BUT only per these guidelines.

Do you do public speaking? I enjoying doing it when I can. Contact me at joann@music2spark.com to work out details.

Can I interview you? YES! I greatly appreciate opportunities to speak about music therapy and my work.


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