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Welcome to Music Sparks! We’re glad you are here.

This page will assist you in navigating to those resources which best meet your current needs. Through this website and three sister sites we are here to enrich lives through music (and a few other resources).

Add a spark of music to lives

Whether you work with older adults, preschoolers or both together, you’ll find sparks of ideas to guide you on your way. Our Things to Know page will guide you in your search.

Are you a music therapist working with older adults?

Session Cafe serves up resources to support you in preparing your sessions. In addition to weekly Quick Sips of ideas, membership provides options provide you access to session starters sure to help you plan a session in the time it takes to sip a cup of coffee.

Are you looking for caregiver support?

Sparks 2 Enrich hosts our resources for caregivers. Within those pages you’ll find items for two purposes.

  1. Assisting people in confidently using music to best meet your seniors’ needs.
  2. Supporting caregivers in their self-care efforts.

Looking for ways to enrich your life?

Musical Gems provides ideas to bring more joy & fulfillment in lives.

Just as facets of a diamond can be exposed in the cut, facets of our life can be changed to reflect more beauty. Musical Gems shares the journey of enjoying life with a focus is on doTERRA Essential Oils and music.

Blog resources for you

Older adult resources

Movement Songs for Senior Living

Movement Songs for Senior Living

Go to Pinterest and search for action songs and you get tons of fun things for children. For those in senior living you get ____ (insert the sound of crickets). It isn't that action or movement needs to be a necessary part of sessions. Sometimes it is nice to move for...

Preschool resources

Intergenerational resources

Travel through life connected

Travel through life connected

When we travel through life connected to others, things change. The quality of that change, the paths that change takes us on are dependent upon those with whom we connect.   Humans are by nature social beings. That doesn't mean we all love to be in a swarm of people....

Music Therapy and other great resources

Giving and Gratitude: The Gift of Music

Giving and Gratitude: The Gift of Music

Giving and gratitude - related but separate concepts. We give someone a present, they express their thanks. Someone complements us. We reply with an acknowledgement. But do these concepts hold a regular space in our music sessions? Gratitude A few years ago a series...

Using Music Therapy to Help Children with Autism

Using Music Therapy to Help Children with Autism

Sadly, more than 3.5 million Americans live with some form of autism. Diagnosis in early childhood increases the successfulness of the treatment, but the disease is not curable. It will be a challenge for these children throughout their entire lives Signs of autism...