Older Adult and Music

The number of adults over 65 is increasing annually. Chances are many are or will be in a relationship (familial, friend, or employment) with older adults. While many remain able in body and mind, some require a level of assistance for medical or other reasons.

Music can be an aid for maintaining social connections between older adults and younger generations. Within the posts, you will find many with ideas for discussions, helpful tips, and fun ideas for older adults as well as between the generations.

Whether you want some ideas to use at home or work or live in the Hays area,  sign up for  BRIGHT IDEAS: a FREE newsletter. This resource provides you ways to add music to lives of those around you.

For those living in northwest Kansas, here are some other music therapy and enrichment sources: 

Music Memories

If you are looking for a memorable gift that doesn’t take space or  require storage, consider giving a friendly music home visit – Music Memories. This one time at home visit is focused solely on music making. The grand & great grand children are invited to be a part of this process. To learn more email me at:joann@music2spark.com .

Music Therapy Services

Individual music therapy services are available for older adults. Whether it a new or long-term condition, we will assess for needs and appropriateness of music therapy services. An individualized treatment plan will be developed by a board certified music therapist.

Large Groups: While not music therapy per se, these music enrichment activities are a step beyond music entertainment. Sessions may include moving, listening, singing, playing, learning and remembering.  Often these sessions are structured around a theme or topic which is always changing and evolving.

Small groups: Sessions with 3-8 participants are structured using many of the same activities as large group.  This setting is ideal for individuals requiring more time, stimulation, or assistance.  Data can be provided on the basic response of the individuals.

One-on-One Music Visits: Enhance your visitation program with Music Therapy visits.  Data on length, approach and response can be provided.

The following types of Music Therapy sessions are now available:

  • Weekly Music Therapy Services include a choice of a single large music enrichment group, two small music therapy groups or one-on-one music therapy services.
  • Twice a month Music Therapy Services include a single large music enrichment group or two small music therapy groups on each scheduled visit.
  • Monthly Music Enrichment Services are a monthly large group.
  • Special Event Services are Music Therapy sessions or presentations scheduled for a special week, a special day, or event of your choice.  Pricing plans are available to fit needs and times.

To schedule a session or to learn more send an email to: joann@music2spark.com

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