Giving and gratitude – related but separate concepts.

  • We give someone a present, they express their thanks.
  • Someone complements us. We reply with an acknowledgement.

But do these concepts hold a regular space in our music sessions?


A few years ago a series of posts touched on this subject.

Where do giving and gifts belong in your music sessions?

When you hear “gifts” your first thought is likely a package wrapped in pretty paper  and a bow.Gifts need not be something wrapped in “paper and string”. They can be more personal level.

In many ways, MUSIC is THE GIFT. It is a space we create for those we serve to share emotions, to explore ideas, to be themselves. The fact music is malleable and can be altered to fit the person or the group is another part of this gift.

It is the GIFT OF TIME spent with you and often with others. It is allowing space for relationships and community.

Sometimes, it is the opportunity to JUST BE in the music. The world is filled with expectations. Sometimes getting to be without expectation is what is needed.

Giving & gratitude: The gift of musicSongs of Giving, Gifts and Gratitude

Here are a few songs around giving, gifts and gratitude,


  • Pretty Paper
  • Favorite Things
  • Gonna Wrap Myself in Paper
  • The Gift (Jim Brickman)
  • The Gift of Love – Bette Midler
  • Simple Gifts


  • In My Life (Beatles)
  • Kind and Generous (Natalie Merchant)
  • Thank You for Being a Friend (Andrew Gold)
  • What a Difference You’ve Made in My Life (Ronnie Milsap)
Have other songs? Be a part of the gift by share them in the comments below.
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