I'm just me“I’m just me.” That statement is one we often shun in this team focused world.

Yet success in sports and business teams is made up of people with different strengths and abilities working towards a common goal.

Music is a way to celebrate the individuality while finding ways we are one or connected.

To help you, those songs marked with a ^ are in a Spotify list at the end of this post.

Songs to sing

Depending on the age of the person, here are a few songs to sing:

  • “I Gotta Be Me” ^ – Made famous by The Rat Pack (including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis). Discuss what a feel of belong is like.
  • “My Way” ^ – Popularized in the late 1960s, this song can lead into a discussion defining each person’s “my way”.
  • “All of Me” ^ – This jazz classic was first recorded in 1931. As it has been included in a variety of TV shows (Including The Muppet Show) and movies it can be a song that crosses generations.
  • “Just Because” (you think you’re so pretty) ^ – A country song you can use for word substitution song writing activities with older adults.
  • “I’m Not Perfect” (Laurie Berkner) ^ – Great song to use if preschoolers are involved.

Use music play!

Music is a wonderful way to celebrate the individual. Whether singing, playing or moving, find ways to celebrate

  • “All One” ^ : Listen and discuss this song. Use it for featuring individual movement.
  • Use drumming to allow members to conduct or solo.
  • Rewrite song lyrics to create personal verses. Examples to use include:

Singable books to share

Whether you work with preschoolers or are leading an intergenerational group, singable books are wonderful. (Those marked with a * are affiliate links. Should you make a purchase through the link, a small amount of funds will go towards supporting the author of this post.)

  • The Way I Feel – The post describes the book and ways to use it.
  • One Love * adapted by Cedella Marley . This book and song reminds us none of us are alone. We can “feel alright” when we reach out to others and work together.
  • We All Sing with the Same Voice – The easy to sing chorus of this song reminds us of our commonalities between our differences.
  • We Are One – The book takes the song recorded by Sweet Honey in the Rock and adds visuals. Use it to discuss personal dreams and being part of a family/community.

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