When the kids head back to school, this can serve as fuel for session ideas. Whether your work is with young, old or both together there is inspiration to be found in and around school.

In this post you’ll find a few ideas to school you in a few topics.

Songs that mention school

“School Days” by Will Cobb and Gus Edwards is a 1907 song many associate with school. Consider using Chuck Berry’s “School Days“. It makes a great one for movement and rhythm play for all ages.

Sure, sing the traditional “Alphabet Song” but consider the ideas in Intergenerational Alphabet Fun for preschoolers or intergenerational groups. Working in just a senior center? Consider singing “A – You’re Adorable”. And don’t forget to include the Jackson 5’s “A-B-C”. 

If you work with preschoolers or are leading an intergenerational group consider singing Tom Paxton’s “What Did You Learn in School Today?”. Change up the words (time frame, structure, etc.) to meet your situation.

Teachers in Song

Working just with seniors? Sing or listen to a few songs about teaching. Ideas include:

  • You Don’t Learn That In School 
  • Teach Me Tonight
  • Teach Your Children Well

Find out about:

  • Who taught including grade level and subject
  • Favorite teachers

Learning Names

When we start school, come to a new music group or move to a senior community, learning names is important for all – staff and clients.

Feeling like adding a silly twist? Sing “The Name Game” by Shirley Ellis and Lincoln Chase,

Consider fun rhythm rhymes like “Up the Ladder”.


fuel for back to school sessionsThere is so much we learn. Here are just a few resources for school subjects and concepts.

Looking for more senior community ideas?

Hop on over to Back to School Song Lists on Session Cafe.

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