What exceptional delicacies will you offer through your June music sessions?
Why the questioning look? Delicacy is a quality. Sometimes when we apply to someone we mean they are frail or in ill-health.  Maybe you are thinking strange or exotic foods? Other times delicacy refers to fineness of details  or if you prefer, a little finesse.
June isn’t frail or ill. It really isn’t strange or exotic. It is a month that calls for finesse. It is that month of part spring, part summer. This between feel often carries into preschool and senior living plans. The standard stuff is there but nothing that is unique or exquisite. YOU have the power to change this.
Here are some things you can use to make June special.

June International Days

June DelicaciesJune Days

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So maybe these aren’t “delicate” ideas, but they will help you add a bit of a treat to this month. But they may be a bit of the unexpected.

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