Using music in eldercare seems to be a big hit in the press these days. Articles are released daily about senior living residences using the MUSIC & MEMORY℠ program, entertainers visiting facilities, older adults sharing their skills,..

The power of music to connect with others is real. More and more senior living communities are adding board certified music therapists to their staff or contracting their services. However, there are situations where distance, schedules and finances my limit access.

Now she has teamed with fellow MT-BCs Tara Jenkins and Cathy Befi-Hensel to create “Music, Memory and Meaning: How to Effectively Use Music to Connect with Aging Loved Ones”*. If you use music in eldercare, you’ll want this book!

If you use music in eldercare, you'll want this bookWhat this book provides

This book will not replace access to music therapy. It does serve as a guide for family members, caregivers and activity professionals. It is set-up in an easy to use format including questionnaires, recommended playlists and discussion ideas.

While it may be tempting to skip Part One: Introduction to Using Music with Older Adults, it is this section that will guide you in using the other parts of the book.

Part Two containers 15 playlist to help get you started. As many of the songs listed were recorded by a variety of artists, recommended performers are also listed. Those selections marked with a “sixteenth note” have more materials in Part Three.

Part Three is there to support engaged listening and meaningful discussion of over 100 songs. It has some holiday song lists with engaged listening and meaningful discussion ideas.

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