Intergenerational programming is gaining more media attention. In the past Music Sparks has highlighted resources for awesome intergenerational sessions. About five years ago blogs were highlighted. As some of those sites have changed, it seemed time to update and share the best sites.

Intergenerational ProgramsHere are the 7 best sites to follow on intergenerational programs. (Click on the name to be taken to the website.)

#7. Generations United

In many ways, this is an overarching resource which ties the other resources together. They host an annual conference and offer support to many offering intergenerational programs,

#6. Bridges Together

With packed programs and ideas for Intergenerational (IG) Awareness Month (which happens to be September) this is a nice resource. It also has links to programs in a variety of countries other than the United States.

#5. Lindsey McDivitt

You may not recognize the name but you might recognize “A is for Aging”. My favorite part is the picture books. There are many other resources shared.

#4. Pinterest

It should be no surprise this site has many intergenerational programming ideas. The link will take you to a starter group of pins. Create your own intergenerational board to pin ideas. Then why not share the link to that board in the comments.

#3. Penn State Extension Service

This site has been around a while and grown in-depth. It touches on many needs from curricula, to research, to articles. Dig around. There are many intergenerational jewels to be found.

#2. Music Sparks

You’ll find many intergenerational programming ideas here on Music Sparks. The above link takes you to posts categorized as intergenerational. Focus is on music for preschoolers and older adults.

#1. Session Cafe

Though membership is for a fee, you’ll gain access to over 2 dozen session starters, interviews with leading intergenerational session experts along with training and support materials.

Know a site that you think should be included? Add it in the comments below.

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