Improving children’s mental health starts with their family, especially the parents. If your child has shown mental problems, aside from hiring a therapist, here are the things you can do to improve your child’s mental health.

Schedule Their Routine

Schedule their routine and stick to the schedule. If you are used to spontaneous living and surprises, this doesn’t mean that your children will enjoy that kind of lifestyle also. Children are still new to Earth and still learning their way around. Imagine yourself being completely new to a strange, new world with someone who brings you to more new places to do new things with strangers without warning. It will be difficult, right? All children are supposed to grow into adults who have lives of stability and consistency. So start them young and give them a consistent lifestyle. Make unbreakable routines like going to the ice cream shop to buy ice cream on Saturdays and staying with their grandparents during summer breaks. Consistency has been scientifically proven to strengthen a child’s mental and intellectual development.

Keep Positive Home Environment

Stay positive at home. A huge percentage of children’s mental health relies on the parents. You, as a parent, have control of the situation. Encourage laughter in the family and recognize every positive trait about your children, no matter how small. Even when big problems hit the family, make sure that the negative things don’t make their way to the kids. Children don’t have the same coping skills as adults. On the other hand, don’t make your children completely clueless to bad things around them. It will make them unprepared. You don’t want your kids to be like those other parents’ kids who go out into the world stupidly believing that everything is alright. Gently telling your children about the actual bad parts of life is enough, and then go back to the happy conversations.

Encourage Children’s Talents and Skills

The most magical thing about children is when they start exhibiting unique traits and talents. There is no untalented child, only children who don’t live up to all expectations. If your child can’t get a top grade in Math, but gets the best grades in Art, don’t get mad at him for not being the best in Math. Buy him art supplies and put his latest works of art on the cover of your fridge. If he can’t be quiet and instead keeps singing, buy him a toy piano so he can accompany his singing. Let your children be who they were meant to be, and they will be the best they can be while feeling loved and appreciated. Guide them through the path that they’re directed to.

Spend Quality Time with Them

There is a part of the human brain that is connected to inter-personal relationships. This brain part starts to develop in infants through positive interactions with the mother and develops further through regular interactions with both parents. This part of the brain influences the child’s emotional capacity to care for others, do good things, become intelligent, and care for themselves. It helps children secure a good future with the people around them. Psychopathic illness, a form of mental illness that causes the afflicted to have no conscience and emotions, is actually attributed to the absence of parental connection during childhood. So make sure to spend quality time with your children.

Minimize Communication Gap

Communication is the central factor to having a good family life, so never let it disintegrate into cold shoulder treatments and silent grudges. Let your children talk about everything. They are most talkative during their early years. Listen to what they say and talk with them about their favorite topics, even if it’s just about Bugs Bunny or some new generation cartoons. Keep your communication lines with your children open, and make them feel that they can tell you anything without you getting bored or mad. It is important to establish a strong communication with them before they turn into adolescents because adolescence is the time when they will start wanting to keep to themselves. Talking with your children frequently about their concerns is the best way to monitor if they are having problems that need fixing.

Help Children for Solving Problem

Help your children solve their problems. Guide them to the right solutions, or solve their problems with them. This doesn’t mean you have to do their homework with them or fix everything for them, though. They need to develop their life skills and learn new things because you won’t always be there to get everything done for them for the rest of their lives. Just help them carry their bags for the field trip, teach them how to deal with the school bully, and chase the mascot in the mall to take a photo with your kids.

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