crafting a March session planCrafting a session plan takes many things. As outlines in “Crafting a Plan”, it always starts with the person or group for who it is being prepared. Once that is in place it is time to get creative.

Holidays and celebrations are some of my biggest creativity boosters. Let’s use the month of March as an example for crafting a series of sessions based upon month-long themes.

Among the month-long March celebrations are:

  • National Craft Month
  • National Nutrition Month
  • National Women’s Month
  • Music in Our Schools Month

Whether you run with a theme for the month, a couple of weeks or the month, here are starter ideas to get you crafting session plans.

Crafting a crafts theme

Have a theme song for the month that relates to creating something. One possibility is “Spread My Wings” by Kathryn Ostenberg. Use it as you set-up your session, move to the music, discuss the lyrics.When I think of crafts, I think of hobbies, sewing/quilting. Have knitters in your group? Consider the classic “Knit One, Purl Two,” by Glenn Miller.

I also think of making instruments. Purposeful crafting is fun!

Crafting a nutrition theme

Gather facts about nutrition to share or invite a nutritionist to present. As a theme song consider “I Feel Wonderful” by Charles King. (This can be found in the book The Joyful Child.) 

Gather together:

Crafting a series on women

  • Sing songs with women’s names
  • Sing or listen to songs written by women
  • Discuss women who perform music. Take a poll on favorites.
  • Discuss famous women in history. Add in songs that relate to them. For example, discuss Amelia Earhart and sing a song about flight.


Crafting a music series

If you work in senior living communities, check out:

If your world involves preschoolers, check out:

Like these idea?

You’ll find more in the next post for National Umbrella Month.

Work in a senior living community? Then check out Session Cafe for even more resources.

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