Love. Simply love.

During February we observe American Heart Month, Creative Romance, National Heart Month and National Library Lovers Month. Reading this list of February month-long observances “simply love” springs to mind.

Trying to simplify my work, I’m challenging myself to a simple monthly theme for sessions and work. So here we go!

Simply Love in Senior Living

Sing some love songs. You’ll find several in these posts:

To that I’d add

  • Try some cool moves to “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” (Paul Simon) or “Baby Love” (The Supremes)
  • Close out your sessions with “Bye Bye Love” (The Everly Brothers)
  • Add in songs that may be popular with your seniors. A few ideas are:
    • “I Only Have Eyes for You”
    • “Smoke Get’s In Your Eyes”
    • “Tennessee Waltz”
    • “Young Love”
    • “Catch a Falling Star”
    • “Have I Told You Lately that I Love You?”
    • “I Don’t Know Why”

Book Songs

To tie into the simply love theme, ask about books that love to read.

Stories in song can be a fun tie to books. Those in senior living will enjoy these. Be sure and shake-up your story telling with this resource. Fairy tales can be familiar to all ages.

Question and answer songs often tell a story. As an added bonus, many in senior living communities grew-up singing them in school.

Great time for intergenerational groups. Share some of the singable stories highlighted here. Mother Goose is another collection you can share in a silly way.


Simply Love with Preschoolers

Check these posts for many songs and some singable books to share:

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