Soup is on! On a cold day, those can be warming words. A while back I shared the book Community Soup as a singable book for preschoolers. Here are more ideas for senior living , preschool and intergenerational settings.

A few songs that mention soup

“Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs. Murphy’s Chowder” may be familiar to some in the senior living communities. It will also work in some intergenerational settings.

Some in senior living and preschool know the song “Animal Crackers in My Soup”. It could lead into a great conversation on what to eat with or in soup.

Carole King sings a lovely singable book – “Chicken Soup with Rice”. It is one all ages can appreciate.

Too bad, “Music in Your Soup” didn’t make the cut for Snow White and the Seven Dwarf’s. While it isn’t familiar, it would be easy to teach and share in senior living or an intergenerational setting.

This country music classic was recorded by several artists. “Roly Poly” is sure to be familiar to some in senior living .

Stone (and Silly) Soup inspiration

Stone soup is a classic tale. It has been made into a mini play for children by Tom Chapin. It might make for a fun intergenerational skit.

If you work with children, you should own a copy of Rachel See’s “Children’s Songs for Therapy“. The “Silly Soup” song in the collection is great fun for children of all ages.

Take it a step further. Use the “Stone Soup Poem” from DLTK or create your own. Chant it. Play a rhythm pattern along on percussion instruments.

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Soup songs

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