Helping a child celebrate what is wonderful about them is important. Three time Parents Choice® Award winner Vanessa Trien with her band The Jumping Monkeys is here to aid you in doing just that. The songs on Wonderful You urge you to move, sing, imagine and celebrate people.

With breaks perfect for echoing phrases, the theme song “Wonderful You” celebrates uniqueness and abilities. “Feeling Thankful” is a gorgeous song that speaks to gratitude. (Someone should make a picture book to go with this one.)  “Fireworks” is filled with fun words and sounds to sing. You can add some drums to the “pop” and shakers to the “sizzle” for added punch.

Beatles loving adults will enjoy the included rendition of “All Together Now”. Children will love the change of tempo within the music.  Those who often read my posts, know my love of intergenerational songs and groups. “Willie and the Hand Jive” is one that crosses generations.

So much fun can be found in “Magic Wand”. Purchase or create a wand. Use it to set the tone for pretending while singing or listening to this song.

Many of the songs call for movement. The CD opens with a wonderful song for marching – “One Foot in Front of the Other”.  You can also image playing an instrument in the band or sing-along with the refrain. “Monkey Jump” calls for jumping, scratching, and imitating sounds. To get a feel for the creative movement check out “Chi Chi Bom Bom”.

Looking for a new song to close your group? Check out “Circle of Friends”. It is a wonderful reminder to be kind to others.

These are just some of the wonderful songs on Wonderful You. If you live or work with children, this CD is worth checking out.


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