Heap on the happiness this AugustAugust is filled with opportunities to heap on the happiness. It happens to be Happiness Happens Month and International Clown Month. So here comes a heaping of music to share.


Songs that mention happiness are worth singing and discussing in senior living communities.

Happiness can be homemade. This post provides lists of a few things that might put smiles on faces of young and old alike.

While celebrating happiness, it is important to honor the roll of experiencing a range of emotions. Reflect on these aspects in your own life. If appropriate, allow space to similar reflections in the lives of young and old around you.


Get your playful side on and clown around. Songs and clown resources for all ages can be found here.

County fairs are one place you can see clowns. Create your own fair experience with songs, games and movies – fun for all ages.

Check out some circus books from the library to share with a child.

Other happiness producing days

Rounds Resounding Day is August 1st. Celebrate by singing some rounds.

National Doll Day is the first Sunday in August. Invite some children and their dolls to visit your senior community. Share some songs, history and fun.


Enjoy these 8 happiness resources. Join our email list to receive for even more ideas each month.

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