Sometimes its fun to have a theme song for a month. The perfect one for July is an old folk tune: “Old Blue”. 

An old folk song for JulyWhat is happening in July?

Month long celebrations for July include National Blueberries Month and Dog Days. Blueberries are an opportunity to celebrate all things blue. The Dog Days of summer are an opportunity to sing about dogs.

Why “Old Blue”?

In this song, Blue is the dog’s name. It can be sung when celebrating National Blueberries Month and Dog Days. Some older adults will recognize this old folk song. Having a chorus makes it easy to sing. Boomers may remember it from their elementary music class days. Teaching folk songs to younger generations is a way to share history.

Blue theme

Back in 2011, Music Sparks hosted a blue challenge. As a part of the challenge, a long list of blue songs for use in senior living were shared.

For preschoolers, consider:

Dog theme

You’ll find dog theme ideas in:

Now you know why “Old Blue” is the perfect July theme song and you’re armed with a list of blue and dog songs. So get to planning!

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