Why I'm passionate about music throughout lifeI’m sure it is no surprise I’m passionate about music. That passion isn’t exclusive to children or to older adults (the populations with which I work). I’m passionate about music throughout life – FROM BEGINNING TO END.

I’m passionate that people experience music in different ways.

To break it down to the most common, music can be:

#1. Random, background music

This is music that is on for no particular reason. It might be someone else music bleeding through office walls or car windows. It isn’t playing for a particular reason.

#2. Intentional background

You (or another person) selected music for a reason. It might be to promote lingering over a meal. It might be music to get you moving at the gym.  You may pay attention to the music from time to time but that is not your focus.

#3. Active listening

Whether it is listening to a recording or a live performance, you are attending to the music. The music and not another activity is the focus.

#4. Engaged participation

There are many options for this one. You might be singing or playing an instrument. You might be writing the music or the lyrics. Maybe you are leading the music. The key is you are a part of the music

Which is most important?

All play a role in our lives. My least favorite is random background music. Music without purpose can become part of the noise around us.

If music is in the background, it is best when it is selected with intention (#2). The reason for selecting the music brings some music options to the front while eliminating others.

That said, the power of music lies in interaction. Yes, listening is great. But interaction with the person in and around music is where the power lies. Even active listening CAN include opportunities to interact. Maybe you discuss what you have heard, the history around a piece of music, or share images the music brings to mind.

It comes down to YOU!

What we DO in our lives, where we are in our lives will influence the mix of the four. What does matter is YOU!

  • What music do you like?
  • What opportunities are available to you for engaged participation?
  • Do fears hold you back from engaging?

My passion for music throughout life is a big part of this blog.

It is about empowering you to intentionally select music for listening. Posts on travel playlists and relaxation are two examples.

It is supporting opportunities for active listening. Whether ideas for preschoolers or older adults, songs and opportunities for listening are included.

It is BIG on engaged participation. An example is found in Beyond the Headphones.

What percentage of your week do you spend in the four areas? Please share your answer in the comments below.


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