8 April events to sing aboutWhile April begins with a laugh, there are so MANY events to sing about. Here are eight of my favorites.

#1. Car Care Month

All ages can enjoy singing about cars. Car Care Tunes and Car Songs and Conversations are focused on older adults. You’ll find resources for preschoolers and intergenerational groups in Part 2 of Car Songs.

#2. Frog Month

This might be the perfect month for an intergenerational session Down By the Pond.

All ages love to play the frog rasp so add it to your favorite frog songs. (“Froggy Went a Courting” is great with older adults and intergenerational groups. Have them play on the “Uh-hu” part.) Not sure what a frog rasp is? Check out this video by Rachelle Norman, MT-BC.

Preschoolers love the singable book Jump, Frog, Jump! by Robert Kalan (Affiliate link). You can find how to sing it at Music Activity Plans.

#3. International Guitar Month

From getting people strumming to an air guitar contest to learning about famous players there are many ways to celebrate.

Share the story behind B.B. King’s guitar “Lucille”. (Thank you Rolling stone Magazine for this sharable.) Be sure and share some recordings.

Browse through Biographies listing of famous guitarists.

#4. Jazz Appreciation

Big band music is often popular in senior living communities. Big band music can be used for dancing, background music, or conversations starters. Consider selections by Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw, Duke Ellington, and the Dorsey brothers (just to name a few). Make use of biographical info like this on Artie Shaw. With the use of solos in a lot of big band music, exploring instruments and identifying the sounds can be included. Find out is any of the adults or teens have played these instruments. This PDF has CD’s and Jeopardy type questions that might be helpful in your groups.

Intergenerational groups will enjoy singing and playing the Jazzy 3 Bears.

Preschoolers will enjoy the singable books Jazz Fly and Jazz Baby. And be sure and check out 4 ways to explore jazz with a child.

#5. National Cards and Letter Writing Month

Check out Cards & Letters for songs to sing in senior living communities.

Preschool Plan-It has a fun post office theme complete with a couple of partner songs to sing.

#6. National Garden Month

First, start yourself gardening with these garden lessons. If you work with preschoolers, check out A Garden of Songs. If you work in a senior living community, check out Growing a Garden. This Pinterest board may also yield some finds.

#7. National Dance Week (The last week of April)

Dancing is great exercise.  It can be social or solitary. Dancing can be fun. it can be a form of self-expression. Dancing can teach us about cultures and traditions. You’ll find a list of dance songs in Let’s Dance. Dance a hula, do the chicken, get up and moving.

#8. Tax Day

While those who owe the government money may see little to celebrate enjoy some songs about numbers and money.

Enjoy these 8 April events to sing about. Want even more? Join to receive more bright ideas emailed to you.



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