Dreamy January IdeasJanuary marks the start of a new year. But once the party horns, silly glasses and champagne flutes are packed away, it can be a depressing month in senior living communities (SLCs).

Think about it. It is cold and often overcast here in the midwest. While December is filled with lots of carolers and special parties, the rate of visitors drops dramatically in SLCs.

You can change this perception. Use some of these dreamy ideas during January. A quick visit to Brownielocks reveals a variety of month-long and week-long events. Most days have multiple items you can celebrate. Here are some of my favorites along with music resources.

January events

  • International Brain Teaser Month: Play music selections by a particular composer or artist. Scramble the letters of the name. See who can figure out the person. You could do a fresh person each day. Each week could be a particular style of music.
  • National Hot Tea Month: Check out “This song fits you to a T“.
  • National Polka Month: Include polka music for movement activities. Have some intergenerational fun with these ideas.

Special weeks in January

Special Days in January

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