Songs for the letter "L"There are so many wonderful things that begin with the letter “L”. Sharing them through songs can be a wonderful way to explore them.

On many website you will find Saw a Leaf “.  Use scarves for each child to act out the leaf movements. Sung to  the chorus of “Clementine”, here are the lyrics:

Saw a leaf. Saw a leaf,. Saw a leaf falling down. It was floating, It was twirling, As it spun and spun around.

Tried to catch it, Tried to catch it. When it landed on the ground. But it kept right on twirling. As it danced across the town.

It danced into the pile, danced into the pile. It danced into the pile. Then I sat down and I watched all the leaves in the pile

One of my favorite finds was “Larry Lion“.  It can be sung to “Jingle Bells”. In addition to those items listed in the song, find visuals of other things that start with the letter “L”. Repeat the song adding 3 items for each verse.

For a singable book, share Maria Had a Little Llama  (affiliate link).

From Bright Start Music (affiliate link) sing, “Listen to How I Beat My Drum” and “La La La Lullaby”.

All the children were provided a collection of short and long piece or yarn. Together we created patterns, stating short and long aloud.

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