Favorite songs for the roadFrom the Griswold’s to Thelma and Louise, movies have shared images of people taking to their cars for travel. In the 1950’s it was a common way for families to travel. Mom and pop motels even had picture postcards allowing you to send notes back home so others could see where you had stayed.

Many older adults have these memories. Getting those in senior living communities to share them can be a few favorite songs and images away.

When sharing this theme, I often get participants behind the imaginary wheel with tambourines. We steer through a variety of movements, use our arm turn signals, shake and celebrate. A couple of favorite songs for the road for this drive are:

Sing songs about sites and states you might visit on a road trip. Share images of famous sites – Mount Rushmore, Niagara Falls.  Pull out old motel postcards. Share images or models of cars from the era.

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