Don’t get me wrong, I love celebrating Christmas. Let me be more specific. I love celebrating the 12 days of Christmas. This sing of carols and push of Christmas from November 1st through December is too much for me.

Yes, I include some Christmas carols in my December sessions. But, I try to keep Christmas from consuming every moment of ever session. The reasons:

  1. Not everyone celebrates Christmas. My group sessions need to respect many traditions and backgrounds.
  2. For some people, the holidays point up the loss of significant people in their lives. Plus, not all Christmas songs are happy songs. “Blue Christmas”and “I’ll be Home for Christmas” are just a couple of examples of holiday songs dealing with loss.
  3. Christmas carol burn-out is real. You can read more on that here.

December is more than ChristmasHere are some other events (with a little rhythm or music fun) to help December be more than Christmas.


December is “Fill the Cookie Jar Month”. The first week of the month is “Cookie Cutter Week”.

  • If you work with children, play “Who stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?”. Do the “Cookie Jar” song from “The Sounds of Emerging Literacy”. (affiliate link)
  • In senior living communities, write down the name of favorite cookies on circles. Draw them out of a jar and play the rhythm of the type of cookie on drums.


December is International Language Month with an emphasis on the second week of the month. Select a language of the day or week. Sing your hello and goodbye songs using this language.

Universal Human Rights Month

This one is more for those in senior living communities. Check out the “Residents Rights Song” from Culture Change in Long Term Care.   The National Consumer Voice has put together a nice list of songs for discussing resident rights.


December is also “Read a New Book Month”.  This is a great one for intergenerational activities.

  • Check out books from the library to have grandfriends read (or have read to them) by the children.
  • Share singable books. Here is a starter list.

Enjoy the holidays and sing songs related to them. Just remember, December is more than Christmas.

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