We nThanksgiving is an interesting holiday. While it has “Over the River and Through the Woods”, there aren’t a ton of songs or carols associated with it as for Christmas. Through a senior living session starter, a previous Thanksgiving post, The singable book “Bear Says Thanks” and a listing of food songs, I’ve tried to help fill the void.

Maybe this lack is related to Thanksgiving being more a day of reflection. It is a day to be grateful for what we have. It is a day to celebrate the harvest.

It may also be Thanksgiving has become more a “kick-off” to the holiday shopping and December celebrations.

Let’s be honest,there are times an attitude of gratitude can be difficult to muster. We may face challenges in our lives, in our relationships, in our security, in our health. These challenges can become the focus, the energy pull. We stop taking time to be grateful.

Recently, I found a beautiful singable book. This is one that can appeal to many ages. This video explains why. 

You can find “Grateful: A Song of Giving Thanks” by John Bucchino (an affiliate link) at book stores and libraries.

I challenge you to take a moment to listen to this anthem then share something for which you are grateful in the comments below.



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