Affordable singable booksAmy Kalas Buser, MM, MT-BC and I share many singable books. Amy refers to them as “book ‘n song“. A few people have asked how to find them at an affordable cost. Obtaining one doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Here are four options for finding affordable singable books.

Check it out from the library. This is one of my favorite ways. I check it out. Practice is. Use it and return it. The best part is not having to find shelf space for the book.
Borrow from a friend. (Friends who are teachers and/or parents are an ideal source.). My friends are often willing to loan me a book to use. I’ve even had children offer to lend me a book. Again, you won’t need to store it.
Watch for them at garage sales. If there is no rush create a list of books you’d like to have. If you have friends that frequent yard and garage sales, attach a copy of the list to an envelope with a little money. Families often part with books as children grow or when they are moving.

Put them on an Amazon wish list. This way you can see if a copy comes up at a low price.

Looking for some singable book ideas? Here’s a starter collection.

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