My early experiences with Country Music were limited to “Hee Haw” and “The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour”. Let’s just say, I entered college knowing a limited country repertoire.

Living in farm country, I am surrounded by many who LOVE country music.  I’ve had to find resources in order find the right country songs to share.

5 boot-scooting resources for country music

5 country music resources#5: Taste of Country: News, artists, tops 10 lists…lots of cool facts to share. They even have videos of children singing country music (including the classics).
#4: Classic Country Songs for Kids: Looking for some country song ideas to sing with the children? Here is the first in a series to get you inspired.
#3: Classic Country Music Lyrics: This site allows you to search by title and by artist.
#2: Grand Ole Opry: Many older adults have memories of gathering around the radio or TV to listen to the Grand Ole Opry. My favorite part of this website is the history portion. You can see images of famous people like Minnie Pearl and listen to old recordings.
#1: The people you serve: Yip, ask them. I’m amazed at the songs kids know. (I once knew a 4 year old who could sing all the verses of “Big Bad John”.) Older adults may know some less familiar songs that have meaning for them. (Three on my current request list are “Rye Whiskey”, “Take an Old Cold Tater and Wait”, and “Wolverton Mountain”.)

Share your favorite country music resources in the comments below.

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