DIY instrumentsMaking instruments can be a fun family activity. There are opportunities to create and to work together making in the making and the playing of instruments. Here are 3 make it yourself instruments for you to try.

#1. Balloon Head Drum

Inspired by the smaller version in Making Musical Instruments with Kids: 67 Easy Projects for Adults Working with Children (affiliate link), this large drum is easy to make. 

#2. Bucket Bass

From the same book, I gathered the idea for this bucket bass. I made the following changes. Rather than a round dowel, I used a thin, flat piece of wood. Both ends of the wood were notches. The lower notch is placed over a plastic connector on the bucket.

Cutting a sound hole and setting it on a rug keeps the bucket from moving around while being played. Very small children do best with an adult placing a foot on the bucket to keep it from tipping while it is played.Bucket bass

#3. Pu’illi Sticks

Ever wonder what you can do with broken plastic mini-blinds or the extra length you cut off? Check out this idea. 

Which of these instruments will you be making? Have another favorite? Share them in the comments below.

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