2Most of the time this website is bubbling over ideas you can use. Sorry this post is different.

When I’d planned my editorial calendar I had a vision of sharing cool DIY bubble wands and fun songs. So much for plans.

What happened? …Spring Break! 

To be more exact, NOT the spring break I had planned. I had planned a relaxed pace of family and work on posts/resources had been in the works. It even started as planned – making a presentation, time cooking, time in the yard, working on a Powerpoint for an upcoming conference, time with family, attended my sister’s wedding.

Then life came bubbling up (or should I say illness struck). Cue Lawrence Welk.

Very little happened. I slept and ate. NOT MUCH ELSE! My bubble of plans bursts.

What do you do when the bubble bursts?

Sometimes the bubble bursts. We can’t meet the dream.

Sometimes the bubble bursts. Our plans have to go to the side.

I had to take a break. Literally! I had to stop. Stop the planned activity. Stop the getting ahead. Stop the dream of catching up. I had to stop.

But by stopping, ideas have started to bubble.

No, they aren’t to the point of bubbling over, but they are rising.

I realize I need to reassess my time. I need to look at taking more time for myself and my family. It is time to make better bubble juice that isn’t as likely to pop on contact.

While I work on making better bubble juice, share some of these bubble songs while you sing and blow your bubbles:

  1. Tiny Bubbles 
  2. I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles 
  3. Rub-a-Dub-Dub – Hank Thompson 

A more deep list of bubble songs for use in senior living communities is available to Session Cafe members. Come experience session planning made easy!

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