5 preschool wind songsIt’s March in Kansas. The wind is blowing. No surprise. The wind is an almost constant companion here. The month or the season of the year doesn’t change that.

What does change is the warming temps of spring luring us to spend time out IN the wind. We see the wind move the trees, flags, our hair.

Flying kites, blowing bubbles, chasing the kickball caught by the wind are my childhood memories of March in Kansas. Truth be told, I still enjoy flying kites and blowing bubbles. Drawing upon these loves and memories, I shared the following five preschool wind songs in a recent session.

  • “Blow the Pinwheel” from Rachel See’s Children’s Songs for Therapy.  We altered the lyrics to “springtime is coming”. The children had a lot of fun blowing the pinwheels.
  • “Dandelion Song” and “When It’s Your Birthday” from Susan Seale’s Growing Grounded. The “Dandelion Song” is quickly becoming a favorite for many of my groups. “When It’s Your Birthday” lead to a LOT of giggles.
  • “I See the Wind” which is a partner song for “Hush Little Baby” is found on a variety of sites.

I see the wind when the leaves dance by. (Wave hands in front of body.) 
I see the wind when the clothes wave “Hi!” (Wave hello.)
I see the wind when the trees bend low. (Put arms over head and bend to the side.)
I see the wind when the flags all blow. (Stand up and wave arms above head.)

I see the wind when the kites fly high. (Stretch arms up high.)
I see the wind when the clouds float by. (Put arms down and wave hands gently.)
I see the wind when it blows my hair. (Lift hair with hands.)
I see the wind ‘most everywhere! (Hold hands out with palms up.)

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