4 resources for older adultsQuality caregiving requires us to know the needs, abilities and interest of those in our care. There is a good possibility one of the interests is music.

Here are 4 music resources that will make you a hit with the older adults in your care.

1. Lyrics.net

Hardly a week goes by when someone requests a song for a future session. A majority of the time they can recall a little of the lyrics and maybe some of the melody. They may not recall who recorded it or when it was a hit.

Lyric.net is one place where you can enter lyrics and receive possible hits. It also shares links to recordings.

2. Playback.fm

This online site serves many functions. It includes a #1 hit for your birthdate (including how many minutes ago you were born. It also shares top hit by years making it easier to find music to share from a specific period of life.

3. Pandora Radio

Whether online or as an app, Pandora  allows you to search by song title, performer, or genre.

4. “Connecting Through Music with People with Dementia: A Guide for Caregivers” by Robin Rio, MA, MT-BC

With guidance and support, may caregivers can use music in ways that can improve relationships with older adults in their care. Robin Rio’s book does a wonderful job of walking you through steps and providing you information.

Best of all, if you feel you need extra training or believe your person could benefit from music therapy, a board certified music therapist can be contracted to assist you.

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