Creative FunSocial media has allowed me to connect with some wonderful, talented, creative people. In the last week, several “creative” resources have come to my attention. All of them have inspired me to consider taking a second look at regularly including creative fun in my life and in the life of my clients.

Perhaps you’ve seen #creativedeed365 in your Twitter feed. (If not, take a moment to check it out.) Registered Board Certified Art Therapist Gretchen Miller challenges herself and others to make a small piece of art each day to give away. Viewing several of these visual creations reminds me of the diversity of art.

Add to the mix “The Pig Fell Down”  by board certified music therapist Maya Benattar. Many people associate the art of music with structured, controlled sounds like those we hear during a Beethoven Symphony. Yet as Maya points out, the elements of music (rhythm, melody, phrasing and tempo) can all be a part of musical play.This beautiful post serves as reminder of the importance to play in a child’s learning.

Adding creative fun to your own life, to the life of a child or to the life of an older adult is only an inspiration away. The Moveable Alphabet by Susan Dyer is filled with ideas for adding Montessori learning opportunities with young and old. The Artful Parent shares 5 ways to (re)ignite your creativity.

One of my favorite means of relaxing is “noodling” at the piano. I realize I should take more time improvising with my voice and on a drum to explore more creative fun. In my older adult sessions, I often allow time for rewriting portions of songs. Reading these posts encourages me to revisit rhythmic and melodic improvisation in my sessions.

What are your favorite ways to add creative fun to your life? To the life of a child? To the life of an older adult?

*If you are a music therapist working with older adults, check out Session Cafe for even more self care ideas (like this one) and time tested resources for to help you with session plans.

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