self care

Romance is usually something we associate with our partners or significant others. Yet, as caregivers I believe we should romance ourselves. Another way to think of it is a date with yourself for self-care.

One of the ways The Free Dictionary defines  romance is as:

A mysterious or fascinating quality or appeal, as of something adventurous, heroic, or strangely beautiful.

Whether you are the caregiver of an elder or a child, a health care professional, a parent,  or a musician,  you need to care for yourself. I’m not talking about neglecting others or spending all your money on yourself. I’m talking about being sure you get rest and nutrition along with the social and emotional care you need.

Sometimes self-care is as simple as taking a walk. It can be a little pampering with a massage or a pedicure. It might mean getting support from a mental health professional.

Think of this as romancing yourself.

Consider the lyrics of  “My Romance” as a guide to self-care.

It isn’t the things around us like the moon, a blue lagoon or stars that we need. Nor is it material possessions like castles. It doesn’t even take the perfect dance of work and relaxation. Romance (self-care) takes you making time to meet your needs.

In the comments below, share your favorite ways to care for yourself.

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