hobbies in songsJanuary is National Hobby Month. Before you yawn and run away take a minute to write the ways you like to spend your free time. If you are like the average American, one them is likely to be watching TV.

Check out this list of the 50 most popular hobbies. Did you have one or more hobbies in the top 10? In the top 20? (Every wish you had more time for your hobbies? Be sure and check out the January 16, 2015 post on Session Cafe.)

What if you could use this list to help children learn to verbalize preferences?

  1. Explore hobbies through picture books.
  2. Have a list of hobbies with related images. Ask a child to find the things they like to do.
  3. Share singable books including “Take Me Home Country Roads” and “This Land is Your Land“.
  4. Take the tune: “Apples and Bananas” and sing about each child’s hobby. For example:
Sara likes to play and swim in the pool.
Frank likes to read picture books with his brother.

What if you could use this list to help you find songs related to interests of the older adults with whom you work?

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