New Year's CleaningAt the start of a new year we  hear lots about resolutions. I’ve embraced another idea: New Year’s cleaning.

The wonderful thing is this idea can also be used in small chunks. It can be used at the start of a school year, on a day you are feeling under the weather, …. You get the idea. You can New Year’s clean any time.

The concept is a little decluttering, a little organizing and a little discovery.

Here is some of what I hope to do with my New Year’s cleaning.:

  • Make general session plans for the year. Planning concepts allows you to have materials at the ready and to know what you need to order or find. For those topics needing further fleshing, consider creating Pinterest boards to hold ideas. They don’t need file space and can be easily edited.
  • Inventory instruments and other supplies. Check their condition. Note size for any drum heads that need replaces or number of instruments needing replaced. Refer back to your session plans and make use you have the instruments you need for those planned sessions.
  • Note what hasn’t been used for a while. (here’s where the decluttering starts.)
    • Is it something I have let sit and needs to resurface? Then be sure and note which of those sessions you will use it in.
    • Is it something that is no longer right for those you serve? Sell it, pass it on or donate it.
  • Files: Most of us think about starting new files. It is also important to assess if your file system needs tweaking.
    • What files are too large?  Figure out how to divide them.
    • What files are empty or have only a sheet or two in them? Figure out how to group them.
    • What files do you use the most? Can you move them to the front of the drawer for easier access.
  • Assess where you are in continuing education.
    • Double check that your current education has been reported. Be sure the materials are filed in a way you can find them for an audit.
    • Are there courses that you need to better meet those sessions you have planned? Start setting aside the dates or time needed to complete the requirements.

If you have other New Year’s cleaning ideas, please share them in the comments below.

If you are a music therapist working with older adults, check out Session Cafe for some more sips of good ideas.



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