Letter DSharing songs about things that begin with the letter “D” can be a delightful exploration with preschoolers. Here are a few time-tested ideas to try with your preschooler(s).

  1. Scarf letter writing of “D”. This song has become a standard in my preschool letter focused sessions.
  2. Freeze dance. Children love to dance and to freeze.
  3. Dinosaur plates.  Create paper plates with dinosaur images or buy plates with them already printed on them.  use these plates to do:
    • Dino Dance (A version of the Hokey-Pokey)
    • Dino Ditty 
  4. For a singable book, share “Dinosaur Dinosaur” by Kevin Lewis. It can be sung to the chorus of “Jingle Bells”.
  5. Drumming is a fun instrumental activity for the letter “D”. We did:

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