Brightness and lightOn December 21st, we are encouraged to celebrate Look at the Bright Side Day. None of us can be optimistic all the time. Sometimes “the light in me sees the light in you”.


A few years ago, I shared some shadow and flashlight ideas for all ages. Here are more resources you can use when looking at the bright side with older adults and preschoolers.

With older adults, this can be an opportunity to:

  • Sing songs about brightness and light
    • Keep It on the Sunny Side
    • Brighten the Corner
    • You Light Up My Life
    • Keep the Home Fires Burning
    • I Saw the Light
    • Candle on the Water
    • This Little Light of Mine
    • You Are My Sunshine
    • Oh, Watch the Stars, See How They Shine
  • Listen to “Light My Fire” . Discuss the meaning of the phrase. Share things that “light their fire”.
  • Share how night lights or automatic lights and prevent falls

With children, this can be an opportunity to:

  • Read books about light and dark, day and night
  • Play games that deal with light.
    • Red light Green light (move or play instruments)
    • Flashlight tag
  • Sing songs.
    • I Am a Bright Light
    • Oh, Watch the Stars See How they Shine
    • You are My Sunshine
    • This Little Light of Mine

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