Noteworthy letter "n"Exploring the letter “n” with preschoolers can be noteworthy fun when you add some fun songs and a singable book. Here are four songs and a singable book to get your noteworthy event off the ground.

I’m a Nut

Use egg shakers as the substitute for a nut. Sing the traditional acorn verse then add verses about other types of nuts

 Nellie Nurse

This is a fun “n” song found on Pinterest. The images allow the children to join in the singing.

 Nuts in November

Here is a change to “Nuts in May” by the Measured Mom. (Tune: Here we go round the Mulberry bush)

Here we go gathering nuts in November; nuts in November, nuts in November.

Here we go gathering nuts in November on a cold and frosty morning.

This is the way we crack the nuts….

This is the way we eat the nuts…

Na, Na, Hey, Hey

Alter the “Goodbye” song to: “Na, na na na. Na, na , na, na . Hey Hey Letter N.” Then substitute names of objects that begin with “n”. For example “Noodle, noodle, noodle, noodle. Hey noodle begins with “n”.” Have images to help the children name things that begin with the noteworthy letter n.

Jack Be Nimble

Grab this classic rhyme and substitute other actions for “jumped”.

 The Nuts: Bedtime at the Nut House (affiliate link)

Get a copy of this fun book by Eric Litwin. Check out the great website supporting the book for the music and lots of ideas.

Have another noteworthy letter n song? Share it in the comments below!

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