Remo NSL Drum TableEvery now and then, I try a new piece of equipment. My latest is the Remo NSL Drum Table with Sound Comfort Technology. My clients (seniors and preschoolers) LOVE this drum as do I.

My purchase is the smaller 22″ drum which is easier to transport. And, Bear Paw Creek created a wonderful drum case that has a pocket for the mallets making it even easier to transport.

Here is why I believe it should be on the equipment list for other music therapists serving these populations.

1. It isn’t too loud.

Seems obvious, but it is important. Many in my senior living community see a big drum and express concern it will be loud. This drum is not too soft either. It is  just right!

2. You can tilt the drum.

The drum stand allows for angling the drum making it easier for those seated or in wheelchairs to reach. Height is also adjustable. It take a few minutes to change between people if you are using it in a group setting. You can use that time for conversation.

3. It is big enough even at 22′ for 2 adults to share.

Sometimes sharing a drum head can support a goal. Modeling behavior and awareness of others are just a couple of reasons for sharing the drum.

It works well for partnering a preschooler with a grandfriend. Plenty of space for cooperative play even in intergenerational sessions.

4. Extending play.

Often there are seniors who only play percussion for short periods between cues. When I use the drum table, the participant generally plays for longer periods between cues.

5. Other observations.

When I use paddle drums, clients often play in a circular pattern around the drum head. So far, only one of my clients has repeatedly done that with the NSL Drum Table.

Concerns about taking turns (as I only own one) where unfounded. Participants seem willing and understanding of the need to share.

Check out the e Remo NSL Drum Table with Sound Comfort Technology. You’ll be glad you did!



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