music therapists in eldercareIn my last post, I shared 6 must follow Facebook pages for music therapists working in eldercare. Today, I am sharing eight must follow twitter accounts for eldercare music therapists.

To be fair, limiting it to 8 is difficult.  Yet, time constraints require us to have priorities. These are my priorities. There is a brief reason shared for specific one. You will likely want to also follow local people and facilities that have a presence on Twitter.

#1. @RachelleNorman

Yes, this is the same person whose Facebook page I listed as #1. Rachelle tweets tons of great resources, shares informative articles, and shares lots of music ideas. If you are a music therapist in eldercare, you need must be connected with this lovely woman.

#2. @CTSinclair

Christian Sinclair is a hospice and palliative care physician. Being informed on these topics is important whether we as eldercare music therapists are in a hospice setting or not. The fact he is cofounder of #hpm tweetchat is an added bonus.

#3. @caregiving

Denise Brown is an amazing, caring person. An author, speaker and coach, she is amazing wealth of information. Denise leads two tweetchats: #eldercarechat and #carechat.

#4. @ElderCareChat

Yes, Denise leads Eldercare Chat, but you also want to follow this stream. Meeting twice a month, a diverse groups discusses and problem solves on a variety of eldercare topics. If nothing else, following their stream will help you find other interesting people in eldercare.

#5. @ShelleyWebbRN

Shelley Webb is an RN, a geriatric care manager and a caregiver. This combination provides a lot of perspective to her shares. On top of this, she is an amazing person.

#6. @WhoseShoes

Gill Phillips champions people working together. How we respond to those diagnosed with dementia (or any diagnosis for that matter) is so important. Gill helps us the focus on the person and not the diagnosis. As she is in the UK, Gill’s tweets also keep me informed on eldercare “across the pond”.

#7. @KlaudiaJurewicz

For those who are or work with people who are older or are tech challenged, you will want to follow Klaudia. She shares ideas for making technology easy to use, fun articles about older adults, and new gadgets hitting the market. Trust me, Klaudia is an amazing resource.

#8. @ronni7

When working with older adults, it is important to know their likes, their interests, their perspectives,…  Ronni Bennett, the face of Time Goes By is that resource. I have pinned tons of posts from this site using many as starting points for sessions.

There are my 8 must follow Twitter accounts for eldercare music therapists. Who would you add?


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