Music therapists in eldercareWith limited time to use social media, a music therapist working in eldercare needs to pick and chose what and who they follow. Here are my must follow pages for Facebook.

#1 Soundscape Music Therapy

Rachelle Norman, MT-BC shares a wealth of information on her sites. While I highly recommend being a member of Soundscaping Source, following her posts on Facebook will keep you in the loop on important news articles.

#2 Michelle Seitzer (This Facebook page is closed. Be sure and follow her blog.)

Michelle is a writer, editor, and eldercare specialists that has connected me with a range of people. Check out the materials she shares for yourself. And, consider being a part of the eldercarechat on Twitter which Michelle helps lead.

#3 Amy Goyer

Amy’s page is helpful for so many reasons. She works for AARP, is a caregiver, and an author. The fact that Amy is also champions multigenerational (intergenerational) relationships is an added bonus.

#4 Administration on Aging

Knowing what is being shared by this agency might influence and inform your work. As they don’t have daily posts, you may need to purposefully look at their page to see what they are sharing. (Those lovely algorithms at work..)

#5 National Center for Creative Aging

Knowing what is happening across the creative arts with respect to aging is important.

#6 Your Area Agency on Aging

Sorry, no link on this one. You’ll have to do the searching for it.  Yes, you can follow the parent organization, but I recommend you specifically follow the one in your area. Knowing what the hot issues and resources are in your area can help help you better serve your community.

Those are my top 6 Facebook pages for music therapists working in eldercare. Who would you add?

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