Ultimate Laurie Berkner Band Collection Cover Art_72dpiWhen I received an email asking if I would like a review copy of “The Ultimate Laurie Berkner Band Collection” I jumped at the opportunity. Why?


  • Music by the Laurie Berkner Band is one of my favorites for new preschool music.
  • The music is easy to learn and to adapt to meet the needs of those attending my groups.
  • It includes music on important topics (such as being messy) along with silly, fun songs.

Laurie’s background as a preschool music teacher shows in the wonderful support materials offered on her website. Her skills as a performer along with those of band members Susie Lampert, Brady Rymer, and Bobby Golden make for enjoyable listening for both adults and children.

“The Ultimate Album” includes 19 songs and three bonus tracks. Listening to the songs, I was filled with ideas for using them. In this video you’ll find three of them. 

If you live or work with preschoolers, buy this album. Be watching Music Sparks for more ideas on using this fun collection of 22 songs.

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