Coffee Inspired DrummingFor me. participating in a drum circle is a lot like having coffee. It energizes me. It warms me up. It makes me smile. That is why I call my drum circles Java Boom.

You can have coffee inspired drumming with some coffee rhythms.

With all the options you can drum the rhythm as a group, play them as a sequence or layer them.

Option 1:

Go to your local grocery store and click photos or write names of the brands available. Put them on separate cards. Have members pull a card and drum the rhythm.

Option 2:

Have group members share their favorite coffees and drum the rhythm. These favs shared by Music Sparks Facebook friends can get you started.

  • Hot and caffeinated
  • Good espresso made on the stove top
  • Guatemalan bean from Solar Roast Coffee
  • Vietnamese coffee
  • Churchill’s Sinless Pastry
  • Free (or any in my mug)
  • Yahava
  • New Orleans’ version of cafe au lait
  • Low-foam cappuccino
  • Not coffee but Chai tea

You can also add some coffee (and tea) songs to the mix for added enjoyment.

What ways can coffee inspire your drumming?

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