Drum-up Enthusiasm

Drum up enthusiasm in your life and in your drum circle

Let’s all be enthusiastic!


For one, the first week of September is International Enthusiasm Week.

Seems like there’s a day for everything.

Yes, there does seem to be a day to celebrate everything. Yet, enthusiasm is not limited to a day. We deserve to be enthusiastic about something in our life. Having or showing intense and enjoyment or interest in something can provide focus and direction.


When we are enthusiastic about something, we can set that as a priority. We can focus on the priority rather than all the other “shiny” things around us. The priority combined with our enthusiasm can get us through the difficult times.

Let’s say I agree with that. How does that help me as a caregiver?

I see it helping you on a personal and as a caregiver. On a personal level, we might be enthusiastic about a particular sport or activity. For this example let’s say you are enthusiastic about gardening. Setting aside time to garden can go a long way in reducing stress and caregiver burn-out.

As a caregiver, finding out what that person is enthusiastic about can provide them a focus and something to do.

Let’s say you are a caregiver in a senior living community. when people are engaged in something they are passionate about, they are less likely to complain of pain of be calling for help. The people enthusiastic for poker can spend time playing, can converse about various types of poker, and share stories about memorable games.

How do I find out about what people are enthusiastic?

Observe people for moments of  enjoyment. And, ask them. Maybe make it a drum circle chant.

Say what?

There’s an old cheer from my high school days that would make a good drum circle chant.

Have the group clap or drum to the “Boy are we…” portion. Designate 3 instruments – one for each letter (g, o, and d). Just enjoy the groove.

  • You can pause and ask what makes them feel good while you trade out the rhythm keepers for the letter players.
  • You can work around the circle  alternating with this phrase: “(Person’s name) is enthusiastic about (space for then to share their thoughts.)

Now it’s your turn. How do you drum-up enthusiasm?

Share in the comments below.

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