Bear CelebrationIt was a privilege to celebrate five years of business with a group of preschoolers, moms and teddy bears.  You can have your own “Bear”y special celebration using a few classics like these. (As they each appear on multiple websites, they are not attributed to any person.)

Hug Your Bear  Tune: Row, row, row your boat

Hug, hug, hug your bear
Squeeze him very tight
Hold him high
Help him fly
Then hug with all your might.

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze your fingers
Squeeze each and every one
Squeeze them
Squeeze them
Remember to squeeze your thumbs.

Create verses to squeeze or brush other body parts. Close with the first verse,


Bear Cheer This is a good one for getting the children to repeat and to move their bears.

The bears are in!
The bears are out!
Grab a bear and give a shout!
Give me a B!
Give me an E!
Give me an A!
Give me a R!
Give me and S!
What have you got?

Five Little Bears: Counting Up and Down Tune: 10 Little Indians

One little bear wondering what to do
Along came another then there were two!
Two little bears climbing up a tree
Along came another then there were three!
Three little bears ate an apple core
Along came another then there were four!
Four little honey bears found honey in a hive
Along came another then there were five!

Five little bears heard a loud roar
One ran away then there were four!
Four little bears climbing up a tree
One slid down then there were three!
Three little bears deciding what to do
One fell asleep then there were two!
Two little bears having lots of fun

One ran away and then there was one.


Teddy bear, Teddy bear Turn around

This classic jump rope rhyme is fun to change up and fit your group. We did turn around, touch the ground, go upstairs, turn out the light, say good night. We’d restart when one of the children said “again”.

Teddy Bear ABC Chant This produced a lot of giggles by the participants.

I lost my teddy. Oh, where can he be?
I don’t think my mother put him away.
I wonder how far my teddy will go.
Isnt’ there anyone who’ll help me?
I think I’ll sit down and cry!
What? You mean he’s still in my bed?

Jazzy 3 bears 

Singing this song and putting images of the characters (Goldilocks, Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear) on drums, we retold the classic story drumming when we sang about that character.

Dancing and instrument play

Whether it is an original song or a classic such as “Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear”, have fun starting and stopping, moving and grooving.

You are My Teddy Bear  Tune – You are My Sun Shine

You are my teddy bear
My only teddy bear
You make me smile dear
You are my friend
You’ll never know dear
How much I like you
I’m so glad you’re my
Teddy Bear today.

Never Let Me Gfrom Bright Start Music

Share your favorite preschool bear songs in the comments below.

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