4 tipsIt is no secret I LOVE leading intergenerational sessions of preschoolers and seniors. They are filled with music, laughter and touching moments.

September is designated as Intergenerational Month so YOU have time to plan an AWESOME intergenerational session of your own.

Here are four tips to help you plan with less stress and a better outcome.

1. Intergenerational groups are about connections.

They aren’t about one age group performing for another. Intergenerational groups are about the ages doing something meaningful together. Make it interactive. Think arts and crafts, cooking, games, assembling care packages, or making music (my personal favorite).

2. Decide who you are connecting.

This means the ages, the individuals and the people surrounding those ages.

For example, Music Sparks Sharing is held in an assisted living facility. Those adults have staff and family members that surround them. (And, yes, some of them DO join in the fun.) The preschoolers are from the community and they come with parents, grandparents and sometimes siblings in tow. When you consider all those people that is a lot of generations to connect.

Knowing this informs the needs, abilities and common interests – items important to your planning.

3. Decide what you will do.

Plan on including some meet and greet time. Depending on who you are connecting, you may be best doing this in an ice-breaker fashion.

Plan what people will connect around. Get specific on a plan. Draw-up a materials list. Know how much time you think it will take. Have an option B if you run out of time and an option C for if you need to fill more time.

4.Know the limits.

What you plan to do will determine where you hold the session.

  • How many people can the space handle?
  • How do you need to set-up the space?
  • Will you need support in leading the group?
  • What preparations need to be made?
  • What can others do to assist with the preparation?

Share your intergenerational plans in the comments below.

Run into an issue? Contact me and I’ll do what I can to assist you.

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