On theAre you left-handed? Do you know someone who is left-handed?

Reportedly. 10 -15% of the earth’s population is left-handed. Many items (spiral notebooks and scissors among them)  can be a challenge in to use in their right hand version and are slowly becoming available with left handers in mind, (At least for those of us living in rural areas, left hand scissors are only available in limited quantities. And, as of yet, I’ve not seen a left-handed notebook in one of our retail stores.)

International Left Handers Day is August 13. It gives me an “excuse” to discuss handedness in my senior living sessions. Many of these people grew-up in an era when students were discouraged (maybe even punished) for using their left hand.

Be sure and check out the Left Handers Day website for lots of ideas and resources.

Rather than diving straight into the world of ‘handedness”, starting with hands would be helpful. Many songs can be found here.

There a few lesser known songs about left-handedness. Sharing the videos might add to your conversation. One is  this lament by Ian Radburn. 

Dory Previn (wife of conductor Andrea Previn) wrote a song about the challenges of being forced to use her right hand. 

“Left Hand Song” with Regina Spektor and Joshua Bell with appeal to those who are into contemporary music with a classical touch.

What others ways can you celebrate left handiness? Share them in the comments below.

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