Music fun scrabbleSome board games have a lasting power and are the stuff of memories. Scrabble is one of them for me. As a young child visiting my paternal grandparents. Grandpa would partner with me and try to beat Grandma. I’m not sure we ever managed to win, but it was fun and educational all at the same time.

Chances are those you work with in senior living communities have memories of playing Scrabble. National Scrabble Week (the second week of August) is an appropriate time to ask about those memories. Break out a scrabble board and let the play begin.!

The fun need not stop with discussing and playing. Add a little letter fun to your senior living music sessions.

  • Draw a letter. Name and sing a song that starts with that letter. For some groups it can be helpful to have a list of songs.
  • Draw 2 or more letters. Name and sing a song that has all the included letters.
  • Create a word from the letters pulled. Name and sing a song with that word.

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